Airport Connections – Webinar Series

Airport Connections series presentation Phoenix Sky Harbor Cooling Tower Sustainability Project presented by Rusty Farnsworth 

Session Summary: Cooling towers are a common and critical component to most commercial facilities. In this presentation you’ll learn how Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport solved the ‘hard’ water problem of scale buildup in the cooling system. By installing a MIOX disinfectant generator and water softening system, the airport has realized an annual saving of more than 10 million gallons of water, reduced water treatment chemicals by more than 10,000 pounds per year, saved $200,000 annually through water conservation and conditioning chemicals, increased efficiency and equipment life cycle. Please join us to learn more!


Airport Connections series presentation: Help Me Help You Presented by Scott Yates 

Session Summary: “Help Them Help You!” will address the overly critical, yet often inadequate role of the Maintenance Technician in Asset Management and Reliability. Understanding why you aren’t getting good data from your technicians and identifying strategies and methods to overcome this challenge.

Help Them Help You PowerPoint