Airport Facilities Survey Tool

We would like to remind you about a new benefit to membership within the Airport Facilities Council. The council, with support from Applied Management Engineering, Inc. and Jacobs Carter Burgess, partnered with IFMA Headquarters to create a resource to gather the observations and comments of your fellow IFMA members from around the world as they travel through YOUR airport. The information gathered will be reported back to each council member on a regular basis, comparing the feedback about your airport facility with that of other airports observed. Your council board has been working together with IFMA’s research department to develop some basic, but comprehensive questions that pinpoint certain aspects of airports that we may overlook – or need to support our arguments about facility issues. Our goal with this tool is to have the capability of illuminating the importance of good facility management within an airport by providing you with quantifiable data.

While we believe that we have nailed down the majority of the items to be discussed in this survey, we are still open for evaluation and would like to invite you to please access the survey and test it out. You can access the survey here and direct any comments you may have to:

This survey has been released to IFMA’s general membership, so please feel free to pass it on. Thank you for your participation!

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